2016 Healthcare Power of Attorney Updated

The Illinois legislature changes to the Illinois Healthcare Power of Attorney Act have come into effect as of January 1, 2016. We now have a standardized, easy to read and understand without a legal background, healthcare power of attorney.
This is a complete revamping of the healthcare power of attorney. The old form, while still legal to use and in force today, was confusing to many people due to its liberal use of legalese and statutory definitions.
The new healthcare power of attorney now has instructions for you and your agent to discuss various healthcare scenarios that may arise during your life. This ensures that the difficult decisions, should they need to be made, have already been discussed and decided upon.
The new form also give you the right to name the person you would prefer to be your guardian should you need one and allows you to remain in control of your healthcare decisions until you no longer are able to make decisions clearly.
We are more than happy to email to you the fillable 2016 healthcare power of attorney form, or we can draft one for you for $20 and provide witnesses for your signature. Call or email us today.